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With our Health DNA test you will get to know in detail a great number of aspects about yourself that you were previously unaware of


Health DNA Test

All you have to do is to spit in the tube and our laboratory will do the rest. First, we will make sure your sample is valid, then check gene variants and interpret the data. We will then contact you once your report is ready.


Genetic predisposition to diseases

Discover your genetic predisposition to develop more than 85 diseases. The results of your DNA test describe your susceptibility to a number of diseases compared to the average risk of individuals of the same age, race, and sex in a given geographical area. With us, you will have the opportunity to take the necessary measures to prevent or avoid the development of these diseases in the future. Once you receive your results, we will still be here to guide you and help you interpret the data.

Inherited monogenic diseases

Are you a carrier of a monogenic disease? What implications does it have on your health? ​Monogenic diseases are inherited diseases caused by mutations or alterations in the DNA sequence of a single gene. Are you a carrier of an inherited monogenic disease? Discover the implications it may have on your health or the health of your potential offspring within your DNA test results. With us, you can find out if you are a carrier of a genetic variant associated with a monogenic disease and also learn about the possibility of transmitting it to your offspring.


More and more information about our well-being, such as nutrient metabolization or muscle performance, is being linked to DNA. As more information about health and wellness becomes known, it is becoming increasingly clear that genetics play a significant role. By understanding your genetic background through our DNA test, you can make adjustments to your lifestyle and diet based on factors such as your macronutrient metabolism, your body's ability to synthesize vitamins, and your capacity for muscle regeneration after exercise.

Pharmacological compatibility

Why do some medications not work as well as expected? Find out which ones. Pharmacogenetics is the foundation of personalized medicine. Our DNA shows that we are all unique, and our bodies process everything differently. By understanding how your body reacts to different drugs, your DNA test results become an invaluable tool that allows your doctor to prescribe the best pharmacological treatment at the most suitable dose for each disease. This approach reduces recovery time, increases safety, and minimizes the likelihood of adverse reactions or unwanted side effects.

Personal traits

Know dozens of genetic personal traits that make you different from the rest. ​If there is one thing that can be said with certainty, it is that every person is unique. With your DNA test results, you will learn about many genetic personal traits that make you different from others. In addition, you will discover many traits you wouldn't have imagined genetics could be responsible for, such as nicotine dependence, logical ability, or sleep duration.


Do you want to know your ancestry? Discover who your ancestors are through your genetic makeup. In recent years, thanks to our ability to examine our genetic material, we have been able to determine that the origin of modern human beings lies in the African continent 200,000 years ago. This has allowed us to trace the footprints of the incredible journey our species undertook out of Africa, which led to the population of all continents. We have also been able to reconstruct more recent demographic events that extend up to the present day.

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