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100% Discrete Service in Kenya

Reliable, Accurate and Fast

Professional Service

We have helped many families to travel and reunite abroad - Let us help you too

To Book the Appointment

Call us on 0110474622 book the date and time to come to have your samples collected. If you turn up without the appointment, Do not worry, we may still see you for consultation or collect your samples if not busy.

Case Manager will ask you few questions to be able to recommend the best DNA test to you and explain what documents you need.


You will make the note of the date and time of the appointment. Remember, if you cannot make it, please let us know prior the appointment!

Home Sample Collection Kit

Call us on 0110474622 to arrange the dispatch of home DNA sample collection kit via our courier. We will include everything you need to collect cheek swabs.


Please provide address/directions to your location!


Once you have your swab samples collected following our instructions, you will return them back to us.


If you wish to have your doctor collect your cheek swab samples, take your DNA home kit to him/her or we can send the kit directly to your doctor's clinic.

Why choose DNA BioScience Center

We have track record of successfully serving clients and consistently delivering value across Africa including Kenya. We provide large portfolio of DNA test including paternity, paternity during pregnancy, siblingship, grandparentage, legal and immigration testing. We offer excellent customer service by team of AABB certified staff, full case management and technical support by in-house biomedical scientists. Our laboratory technicians will carefully handle and prepare your DNA samples for processing. Every paternity test using cheek swabs is run two separate times in the lab and the results are triple-checked by our scientists. You never have to worry about a mix-up or wrong results. e-Report is issued with electronic signature and certificate to confirm the authenticity of the report and printed copy is available on request. 

DNA Paternity Tests
Sibling, Grandparents, Uncle ad Auntie DNA Tests
Nonivive Prenatal Paternity Tests
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